It's gonna be May!

This month has been CRAZY!

I celebrated 11 years married last week and though my other half isn't here, he still made sure I felt his love! I received the most beautiful flowers and a gift card to spoil myself with.

It's been a good month and I'm excited to see it because that means we're one month closer.

I hope y'all are well.

Now... on to the newsletter!

By the end of the day, I'm rushing out of the office to get down to the daycare to pick up Savannah. She's a spitfire of a three-year-old, and some days, I wonder if this is what Natalie was like when she was this age. I never know what's coming when my bug and I hang out, but that's the best part.
"Have a good weekend, Madison," Jean calls after me as I sweep through the front reception area.
"You, too," I yell back, pushing open the door. Luckily, it's only a ten-minute walk to Savi's daycare. It's the one great thing about living in such a small town; I don't need a car. But since I left late, I'll be late picking her up.
Adjusting my bag on my shoulder, I walk down the sidewalk, dodging through the foot traffic always around on a Friday evening. It's not too heavy, but there are more people out than usual. I take in the sounds around me, sounds I've grown used to after living in a big college city. You can hear the sound of the waves from the coast on the east side, the seagulls screaming in the distance.
Reaching the daycare, I pull my wallet out of my bag, securing my ID in my hand before opening the door and heading inside. This isn't my first time picking up Savi from here; the teachers and front office staff know me almost as well as Natalie. My child would probably be in the same class Savi is in, at least until she turns four and moves up to the next level.
"Good afternoon, Madison," Cheryl greets me as I approach the desk. "You here for Savannah?"
"Yes, ma'am." I hand over my license so she can scan it into the system to verify pick up before she hands it back.
"They'll bring her up in a few minutes." I nod and head to the sitting area, choosing to look around instead of sitting. There's artwork from the children decorating the walls, and I move through them, watching as the ability grows with each age group.
"Maddy! You wasn't here on time." Her eyebrows scrunch together in mock anger, and I hold back a laugh at the sight of her face.
"My little Savi bug, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to be late." I kneel and pull her into a hug. "How was your day, sweetness?"
"It was good." Her answer is short but full of sass. She's still mad at me for being late.
"You ready to hang out with me for the evening?" She nods, her smile firmly in place as she adjusts her backpack on her back. I pull out my phone to text Natalie.
Madison: Just picked up bug. I know you're at a shoot, but I wanted to let you know. I was a little late picking her up, so she's on a sass kick. No worries, I got her, though.
"Do you have any toys at your house yet?" she asks. I laugh because she's not wrong. I don't have any toys at my house, and I probably should, considering how often I watch her.
"No, but let's go to my house anyway to drop off our stuff, and then we'll figure it out." She nods again, tucking her small hand into mine as we go to leave.
The walk home is filled with laughter as she launches into a whole story about monsters in closets, making new art, and everything she did throughout the day. I nod as she talks, her free arm flailing around as she exclaims everything she did.
Once we reach my house, we head inside, and she runs to the room I have set up for her to put her stuff down, and I head into my own to change out of my work clothes.
"How about we go to the park?" I yell out as I'm changing.
"You the best aunt ever, Maddy," she screams. I giggle as I throw on a pair of yoga pants and a workout tank. I don't even know why I have workout clothes, but they're the comfiest items I have, and if I'm going to be at a park, I'd rather do it in comfort. Grabbing my phone, I shoot out another text to Natalie, letting her know where we're going. I don't expect her to be done with the shoot anytime soon, but I know she'd like the updates.
Madison: we are going to the park. Savi wants to play, and I have no toys here.
"Ready?" I ask as I pull on my shoes. She gives me a giant smile, and I grab my bag and tablet before we head out the door for the park down the road from my cottage.
The park is full of little kids playing and jumping around. Savi drops my hand as soon as we're within the fence and takes off running. I smile at her as she runs from the slide to the swings. She's a ball of energy, and it makes me tired just watching as she runs all over the place.
I find a bench that gives me a view of the entire park and open my tablet. The book I was reading last night greets me once it unlocks. I peek up at Savi and watch as she giggles while going down the slide. Satisfied that she's having the time of her life, I start to read.
"Maddy," I look up to Savi standing in front of me. I slam my tablet shut, fully aware she doesn't know how to read yet, but I don't want to chance it based on the scene I was reading.
"Yes, bug?"
"Can we have tacos?" As I remember what I was reading, my face turns beet red, and I try to stifle a laugh, but it comes out anyway. She tilts her head at my chuckle, probably wondering what is so funny about asking for tacos. She pouts, pushing her lower lip out. "Please, Maddy. Can we please, please, please have tacos?" I roll my lips inward, trying not to laugh at her. She's freaking adorable when she wants something.
"We sure can." She graces me with another large smile before she runs off again. Instead of returning to what I was reading, I pull my phone out and shoot another text off to Natalie. Tacos mean margaritas, and I have all the fixings for both.
Madison: Come by my house when you're done with the shoot. I'm making tacos and margaritas. Savi begged for tacos, and you know we can't have tacos without margaritas. *wink*
I toss the phone and tablet back into the bag, deciding to watch her play for a little bit instead. She's swinging on the swings, her legs pushing her higher and higher. And then it's like everything goes in slow motion as she falls off the swing and lands hard on her back. I'm on my feet in an instant, running over to her. Her eyes are closed, and there's blood coming from the back of her head. And then I notice a rock beside her head, a stone with blood on it.
"Savannah!" I yell, "Savannah, please, baby wake up." I'm crying, my voice going hoarse as I continue to try and wake her. I won't move her, afraid that there's something else going on. Another woman comes running up with my bag; she's on the phone. She pulls it from her ear and looks at me.
"An ambulance is on the way," she says, her eyes going to Savi laying on the ground. I can't say anything; all I can do is nod. She hands me my bag, and I dig through it, trying to find my phone. As I pull it out, I hear the sirens and doors slamming.
"Ma'am, I need you to back up, please." I'm pulled from the side of Savi with force when I don't move, and I watch as the EMTs check her eyes with their flashlight.
"Pupils are responsive," one of them says.
"Ma'am, we're going to load her up. Are you coming with us?" I nod, still unable to say anything as I watch them continue to do what they need.
I walk beside the gurney as they transport it out of the park and into the ambulance. I sit in the back, my hands gripping my phone so tightly that I'm sure it's about to break.
And then I realize I need to tell Natalie. She's going to hate me. I'll never get to see Savi again. Tears pour from my eyes as I unlock my phone, showcasing all the texts back and forth still on the main screen.
Madison: Get to the hospital, Nat. Savannah got hurt.

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