When my supposedly perfect life falls apart, I turn to my best friend Lucas and relocate to BoothBay Harbor with my sole reason to push on; my daughter Savannah. Being around Lucas again makes the voices that tell me I’m not good enough fall quiet. But just as I start to heal, my past and his present threaten to tear us apart.

In high school, Natalie was my best friend... and my secret crush. With her back in my life, she’s reawakening feelings I thought were long gone. When things start spiraling, it takes all I have to prove to her that I won’t walk away again. The further I fall, the more she pulls away. I want it all, but she has to want it too.

Can I be enough to show her that this is real, or is she living in a past filled with nothing but smoke and mirrors?
You're going to read this and think "No way this is only her debut book" she hit the ground running with Natalie and Lucas! -- Audrey, The Smutty Mom

How is this a debut? So well written and such a sweet read! I swooned pretty hard for these two and cannot wait to read more from Norma! -- Katie Rae, Author of The Way We Fight

I am floored that this is a debut book. It was beautifully written and I wholeheartedly recommend this book and cannot to see what Norma has up her sleeve for book two! -- Brenda Bourbon, Books & Brenda

Norma Marie writes like a seasoned author in the first book in the Mirrors series. -- Emily, What Emily is Reading

What am incredible novel from an author who is just beginning. She's going to be one who watch, I tell ya! - Savannah, Goodreads

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