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The Power Player
Meeting Levi Chambers the first time was an accident.
The second time, he overheard me telling my best friend that I need a date.

I’m a homebody who prefers sweatpants, messy buns, and hoodies. I’m more comfortable behind my laptop weaving love stories than trying to find my own happy ending after being burned one too many times by my own family.

The captivating CEO billionaire is the last person I want to take. His money and social status only remind me of the family I ran from. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who needs something. One fake date for a wedding turns into a full farce of a relationship.

The rules are simple. Minimal PDA, limited social events, and absolutely no falling for each other.

Somewhere along the way, things started going from fake to real. Only I don’t know if I can trust him enough to let him break down the walls surrounding my heart.

How do I keep myself grounded in reality when he holds all the power?

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