Fairytales and once upon a time? 
They don’t exist for girls like me. 
I’m not a princess and Colton Montgomery is definitely not my Prince Charming.
Meeting him felt like fate, but I’ve never felt worthy of being by his side. And what should have been my happily ever after is soured, all because he walked away.
To truly move on, to restart, I need him to agree, to sign on the dotted line. To finally let me go.
Instead of a goodbye, he convinces me to stay for a little longer. He wants ten days to prove that we are worth keeping. That we can make what has previously failed, work.
But the fear of being hurt by him is too real, too much.
Can I find a way to work past it so we can get our happily ever after? Or is this a love better off left behind?
This couple will have you swooning and rooting for their HEA the entire journey. -- Callie M.
Second chance is one of my favorite tropes, and The Reformed Player did not disappoint. It was emotional, sweet, and steamy. -- Angela's Book Addiction
Such a great 2nd chance romance! Norma did it again y’all! ​​​​​​​-- Amanda T.
The love story is raw and heartbreaking all the way through. It ends on a happy note, but it makes you work for it until the end.​​​​​​​ -- Ariana M.

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