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Mirror Image (A Mirrors Series Prequel)
The only thing I wanted was to get out from under my parents thumb.
Turn a blind eye. It's what we do.
What happens when the mirror breaks and I finally walk away from it all.
Smoke and Mirrors (Mirror Series Book 1)

When my supposedly perfect life falls apart, I turn to my best friend Lucas and relocate to BoothBay Harbor with my sole reason to push on; my daughter Savannah. Being around Lucas again makes the voices that tell me I'm not good enough fall quiet. But just as I start to heal, my past and his present threaten to tear us apart.


In high school, Natalie was my best friend... and my secret crush. With her back in my life, she's reawakening feelings I thought were long gone. When things start spiraling, it takes all I have to prove to her that I won't walk away again. The further I fall, the more she pulls away. I want it all, but she has to want it too.

Can I be enough to show her that this is real, or is she living in a past filled with nothing but smoke and mirrors?
Curved Mirrors  (a Mirror Series novella)
I've always been the bigger girl, the one who has more curves than average. And I've grown to love myself just the way I am, especially with Thomas in my life. He makes me feel beautiful even when my subconscious tells me otherwise.

I knew I'd marry Britney the moment I saw her. She's the other half of my soul and my best friend. I may be a jock but to her, I'm so much more.

With a wedding on the horizon, will the past threaten to tear them apart, or will they finally say "I do"?
Shattered Mirrors (Mirror Series Book Two)
I’m used to protecting myself. Always have, always will.
But he’s the one person I can’t protect my heart from.
When an internship partners me with the one man I can’t stand but is every other girl’s fantasy, I find out there’s more to him than meets the eye. With his devilish good looks and piercing eyes, he’s smashing through the wall I’ve erected around my heart.
Our lives couldn’t be more opposite, but the more time I spend with him, the harder I fall. He says all the right things and shows me a world beyond work and school.
Everything is going great… until it’s not. When my life falls apart around me, I do the one thing I’ve always done.
I run.
What happens when the mirror shatters and the pieces are scattered?
*Shattered Mirrors is part one of the Justin and Madison duet and does end in a cliffhanger. This must be read prior to reading Mended Mirrors.
Mended Mirrors (Mirror Series Book Three)
I’m not the man I used to be.
But if there’s one woman that can bring me back to my old self, it’s her.
The last time I saw her was three years ago. We fell hard and I thought she was my forever, but she left without a word, hardening my heart to anything resembling love.
I never expected to see her again… and then she walks back into my life looking even more beautiful than ever. Tempers flare as anger and resentment tear through us, both of us saying things we don’t mean as we work through our mangled past.
I want to hate her, but the more time I spend around her, the more I want what we used to have. As the sparks around us flame higher with each moment we’re together, I realize that I can’t ignore the way she makes me feel.
Can the past be mended so that we can move into our future, or will I hold it all against her and be the one to walk away this time?
*Mended Mirrors is part two of the Justin and Madison duet. Shattered Mirrors must be read prior to reading Mended Mirrors.

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